Canada Post Graduate Work Permit (Conditions & Duration)

International students can apply for a post-graduation work permit after successful completion of a study program in Canada. Read below about requirements and duration of PGWP.

Who Can Apply For Post Graduate Work Permit?

International students who want to work after graduation from an educational institution in Canada, have to apply for an open work permit. This is called a post-graduation work permit or PGWP.

However, not all study programs and education institutions are suitable for that. International students can verify if a study program and Canadian education institution will give a right to apply for a post-graduate work permit after they successfully complete a study program.  Check here to learn whether a Canadian education institution offers PGWP-eligible study programs.

Post Graduate Work Permit Requirements

To get a post-graduate work permit in Canada, a graduate must meet the following  PGWP requirements:

  • be 18 or older 
  • have graduated from a DLI 
  • have a certificate or diploma and transcript that confirm completion of all program requirements
  • always studied full-time in Canada in an educational program that is at least 8 months long
  • apply for a work permit within 180 days

Duration Of Post Graduation Work Permit 

A post-graduation work permit's duration may be between 8 months and up to 3 years.

The length of PGWP depends on the duration of a study program completed in Canada. The permit won’t be longer than the duration of a study program. 

Work experience gained while on a post-graduate work permit can be used to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry under one or more of Canadian immigration programs. Learn more here.

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