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Immigration starts from your goals! 

Immigration Lawyer will help to fulfill your plan to visit or immigrate to Canada.


We work hard to achieve the best results for you.

We appreciate your personal circumstances and apply individual approach putting in our best efforts into every immigration file.


A fair, transparent and professional immigration service in Toronto.

We keep an eye on Canadian immigration level plans, programs and any changes to ensure each immigration file is prepared according to current standards and requirements.

How Canadian Immigration Officers Approach Applications?

Admitting immigrants in Canada is a legal and orderly process of shared jurisdiction between federal and provincial governments in Canada.

Immigration officers act within authority and scope granted by laws and guided by requirements established for each immigration program when processing immigration applications.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) releases details on immigration levels plan (check here immigration levels plan for 2019-2021) and administer Canada’s immigration goals through two major statutes: the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act & Regulations and the Citizenship Act.

How We Work?

We keep an eye on Canadian immigration level plans, programs and any changes to ensure each immigration file is prepared according to current standards and requirements.

Our fees reflect the amount of work and difficulty of an immigration file. At the same time, our vision of the important role of social support dictates our initiative to do free immigration webinars and share important Canadian immigration news in our immigration blog!

Want To Hire Immigration Lawyer?

Learn about process

Consultation. Meet with or talk to an Immigration Lawyer. Telling your story, immigration plans or problems will help to assess your chances to come, stay, extend your stay or immigrate to Canada. Immigration Lawyer will advise you on a strategy and further actions. Book an appointment with our Immigration Lawyer online or call at +1(647) 695-5256. Consultation fees will be credited towards our professional fees if you retain us within a week for your immigration file.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer for your matter. Our lawyer-client relationship will be detailed in a retainer specifying: a category of representation, lawyer’s responsibilities and commitments, your needs and preferences, billing method and payment terms.

Money retainer. We require a deposit to start work on your file. Deposit is held in the trust account and will be withdrawn when the work is done.

Work on an immigration file. Scope of work varies depending on the category, your circumstances and immigration difficulties of your file. We offer full representation,  limited scope representation or review. Read more in the next section “How we can help you?”

Submission of an application. Remaining professional fees are due before we submit your application. We complete, pay for, and submit online applications on behalf of our clients through IRCC portal for authorized paid representatives when this option is available.

Immigration matter updates. We appreciate how important it is for our clients to get updates on their applications. Before the decision is made, we inform you of all developments in your immigration matter.

Legal Immigration Services We Provide

Immigration Consultation

Book appointment with Immigration Lawyer:

  • If you want to immigrate, stay, extend your status, or visit Canada, Immigration Lawyer will advise you under what immigration program and how to apply.
  • If you have difficult immigration case, Immigration Lawyer will assess your situation and advise what actions are appropriate given your circumstances.

Immigration File Preparation or Full Representation

Full representation covers:

  • Initial assessment and immigration advice
  • Immigration forms completion
  • Drafting legal submissions
  • Consulting on supporting documents
  • Immigration file submission
  • Communication with immigration authorities
  • Appearance before a tribunal or court, if applicable
  • Immigration interview preparation, if applicable

Limited Scope Retainer

If you are limited on a budget or feels competent to perform some tasks, you can hire Immigration Lawyer to perform limited tasks on your file.

Immigration Litigation (Appeals, Judicial Review, Admisisbility Hearings)

If you don’t agree with a decision on your immigration application, Immigration Lawyer will assess your chances and grounds for further actions. Depending on the type of application, we can represent you in:

  • Federal Court Judicial Review
  • Admissibility Hearing
  • Sponsorship Appeal
  • Refugee Appeal
  • Removal Order Appeal
  • Residence Appeal
  • Detention Review
  • Immigration Interview
  • Port-of-Entry Examination

We Offer Free Immigration Resources

Lerom Law Firm offers free immigration resources.

We do free immigration webinars.

Our Immigration Lawyer Olena Levtsun regularly holds immigration sessions devoted to specific immigration topics. On our online webinars, we cover immigration areas that usually require additional explanation to the public, topics on which we receive many questions. We discuss case studies and share immigration news regarding immigration programs. Learn more about upcoming immigration webinars.

We conduct free information sessions upon a request from the public (30 people or more).

We are open to doing immigration information sessions upon a request from the public. To make this possible, please send your request indicating immigration topic of interest, the number of participants (should be at least 30 people to invoke a session), the method of presentation (availability of location) or Web Conference/ online webinar (our preferred method).

We conduct free online assessments.

We offer a free online assessment of your chances to visit, stay or immigrate to Canada. As a start point, you should complete the free assessment form. We will let you know if you are eligible to immigrate under one or more immigration programs, as an Investor, or a member of a Family Class, Economic Immigrant, Refugee, or as a non-immigrant to temporary stay as a visitor, student or temporary worker. 

Pro-bono work.

We take pro-bono files conditionally to our workload.  Please contact for further details.

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